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In Short

  • Be honest, committed and loyal to your coach – your coach and Coachality will do the same for you. Share with your coach about yourself and your coaching goals.
  • Our service is virtual, try to create optimal conditions for your coaching. Prepare for your it, your coach will do the same. 
  • At Coachality, we connect you through our website with a coach that you can choose yourself. As a platform, we cannot be held responsible for the quality, form and process of the coaching session. However, we do our best to ensure that you are satisfied.
  • If your coach provides you with documents, the copyright remains with the coach. Please ask your coach should you have additional questions.
  • Confidentiality and professional discretion apply in coaching, we will stick to it.
  • Cancel at least 4 working days before your coaching session, and you will not be charged. Cancel within 20 minutes during your first session, with your new coach and you will not be charged, either. No strings attached!
  • We consider a guarantee of success an impossible promise to make. Should disputes arise, these are to be resolved through mutual understanding and mediation. 
  • Coachality as an agency platform based in Vienna, Austria. Your coach may be based elsewhere. According to European laws, the place of jurisdiction is the location of the respective coaching professional.

General Terms and conditions

You can download our terms and conditions as a PDF-file in lighthearted legal language by following the link.