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Quality + Values

We have been in business for a long time! Each and every one of us has many years of professional experience: as a manager, entrepreneur, management consultant, psychologist or coach. 

Coachality offers you to choose easily between different professional profiles who are united in their mindset based on excellence, humanity and trust.

Sound Knowledge

We love our profession and therefore enjoy learning. We follow industry leaders, learn new methods and allow time for peer-to-peer exchanges to deliver a high-value coaching experience for our clients.

Our certifications and memberships in professional associations (CMC, ICF, ÖVS) as well as professional authorisations (Ministry, WKO) give you the security to be working with (legally) recognised professionals.

The mindset

Formal training alone is not enough to become a Coachality coach. Personality and the right mindset are also a must.

We are human, open-minded, authentic and self-critical. We admit our mistakes and celebrate our achievements.

We would like to contribute with our share to make tomorrow a little bit better for people and communities.

Work ethic

We are on time, check our equipment beforehand and prepare for each coaching session.

To get the most out of your coaching session, review the session afterwards and write down what seems key to you. This ensures sustainability.

Engage with professionalism as well as fun to ensure your success.


We trust each other and work fair play.

  1. We share with you all our coaches’ data, LinkedIn profiles, contact info, etc. We favour transparency.
  2. Your session will be treated with absolute confidentially.
  3. You only pay after the session is finished.

We see trust as the basis for our collaboration.

Goals + Values

Goals and values go hand in hand. Let’s find ways to work towards them as a team.

We are just as human as you are, with flaws, needs, knowledge and empathy. Let our diversity be the building blocks to develop and grow together.


We can certainly learn a lot from your honest feedback, which will, of course, be treated confidentially.

Please contact us and share your experience about Coachality, your coaching session and our coaches.

All cochees have individual needs and all coaches have individual strengths. At Coachality we build bridges to  connect you faster with a matching coach and reach your goals better and faster.