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How does it work?

You are looking for support and think coaching could bring you closer to your goal? That’s great! Just reach out to one of our coaches and find a date and time that suits both of you. That’s it! 

  • You want to start right away?
    Choose your coach and select, “Start session”. You will be able to book the next available appointment with him or her directly online.

  • You have a specific topic in mind?
    Find the right coach by filtering through the available topic list.

  • You are unsure if coaching is right for you?
    Then please contact us and share your questions with us. We will be happy to answer them and make sure that you have all the necessary information to make the right choice for you.


Your coach will contact you before your appointment to agree the exact modalities (coaching agreement, communication channel, invoicing, etc.). If you want to book another session with your coach, just choose a date and time by clicking “Start Session”.

What is coaching?

Coaching! The term is used in so many different ways and contexts, that it can create confusion. 

As professional coaches we define it as a conversation between two people who partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the coachee to further develop their personal and professional potential. The coaching process will help the coachee to become more aware of their knowledge.

From a perspective of heightened awareness the coachee will find more clarity about their desire and find empowerment to act accordingly. As coaches we will help you cut through the fog allowing you to move forward in your thinking, feelings or actions.

How many sessions?

One for sure, probably 3 and sometimes 10 sessions for extensive topics. Many of our coachees treat themselves to regular sessions to feel better and achieve their goals consistently. Good for them 😊!

Cancellation, termination and satisfaction guarantee?

We want you to be a satisfied and returning customer. In these two cases, nothing will be charged or refunded:

  1. You cancel at least 4 working days in advance of your appointment.
  2. You cancel within the first 20 minutes of your first session with a new coach.

You are still dissatisfied? Please contact us.


Please check out our dedicated page on Quality & Values.

Can we meet Face-to-face?

Not really via Coachality. But please do send us an email and we’ll do our best in finding a solution.

Fees and payments?

We are not all the same, so rates and payment methods vary from coach to coach. However, prices will be identical for identical services if you book through Coachality or directly with the coach. Should you find a discrepancy, please contact usMost coaches accept bank transfer and you will receive an invoice after the session, which you can pay within the stated payment period.

Guarantee of success?

Good doctors don’t guarantee an exact outcome, neither do coaches 😊. International studies show how coaching contributes to the success of individuals and organisations. Staff, management and leadership from small and big companies benefit from coaching to improve themselves and their organisations. Coaches can’t perform miracles, but you can be certain that he or she will do their professional best!

Coaches and Coachality?

Coachality is a platform that offers a selection of coaches with a shared vision and simple booking. Find your coach and make an appointment with him or her. The coaches share the costs for the platform. If you have general questions about Coachality, booking and the selection process please contact us, if you have questions about the coaching session itself, please ask your coach. 

Applying as a coach?

You think that you have what it takes to work with our coachees? Then tell us why! Send us an informal email with an overview of your experience, and more importantly: Why do you think you are a good fit for us and our coachees?

Can't find my topic!

If you can’t find your topic among our suggestions, we invite you to send us a message and let us know how we can be of assistance.